Ansøgningsfrist: 08.02-2021

Let’s build a UX & design (-thinking) business in an awesome, solid and ambitious digital agency

Thanks to a setup with 300 amazing colleagues across Europe, we’re able to do great work, create significant impact – and offer a splendid working environment for ambitious designers.

Novicell is always looking for talented minds and great personalities. Therefore, don’t hesitate to write us. This post is related to an exciting, quite important, and live job-opening based at our Copenhagen office.

Digital is the centerpiece of our assignments, the services and the brand experience we create. We are beginning to embrace, and immerse, ourselves into the entire user journey, physical experiences. In reality, all touch point that enable magic, business, and engagement.

Novicell is not a family, haven’t experienced a work-environment that actually fits the claim. But damn, it’s close. We even have a set of values called “Flink & Flittig” (Good & diligent, sounds better in danish). We embrace our culture and the playfulness, for all of us to thrive and prosper (that sounded a little off, but I hope you know what we mean).

What we seek is therefore also an engaging soul, someone that thrive in a dynamic, not very hierarchal environment. Boldness, talent and skills are needed too.

At Novicell, experience design and design-thinking are a growing practice. We identify needs, interpret stuff, create concepts and services. We do not separate strategy, visual design, and experience design, yet everyone has their strength, their expertise and toolset. We always try to work as a team, closely together with development, conversational strategists and marketing.  

As Senior Experience Designer / UX lead, you’ll be key for the direction we set, the business we build – and the delivery of our suite of design services. You’ll manage entire projects, including mentoring assignments.

The optimal candidate can:

Master different tools, like Figma and Sketch, but also poses a great understanding for interaction design, strategy and tech knowledge. Your ability to sell – and explain the value of design is needed. Therefore, your expertise should also include effortless facilitation of workshops and pitches. ” You’ll be referring to our Strategic UX and Design director Jacob Hvam, who is looking forward to answer any of your questions on