Because an emoji speaks a thousand words 🔥

Wayne Gretzky’s “I skate to where the puck is going to be” might have
been reduced to a trite marketer cliché, but we still think it’s worth
mentioning here.

Yes, you do need to be two steps ahead in anticipating your customers’
needs to get marketing right.

However, we think you should take it one step further — don’t just be
where your customers are going to be, speak their language.
And if their language includes emojis?

That’s why you’re reading this guide 👈

A few years ago, companies would have balked at the thought of
incorporating emojis in marketing. With the increasing popularity of
emojis, however, it’s high time the last remaining stragglers jumped on the
bandwagon and started using them in their marketing material.
If you’re pumped to start using emojis in your marketing already,
keep reading.