My pick for the day at Social Media Week in New York were these:

Decoding Wearables: Leveraging Wearable Tech Platforms In Campaigns. Keynote was Decoded CTO Amadeus Stevenson.

Next was Entangled Marketing: How To Build Enduring Relationships With Consumers with Vertic CEO & President, Sebastian Jespersen and Rapp Co-Founder, Stan Rapp.

Finally I went to What’s The Difference Between Social Marketing And Social PR?

Speakers were CEO & Co-Founder, Socialbakers, Jan Rezab, Regional Consumer Experience Director, Pernod Richard Americas, and Luis Spencer Freitas SVP Group Director, Account Planning, Edellman Digital.

This time I shall write my observations as key notes:

· Everyone already has a wearable. It’s called a smartphone and it generates a massive amount of data.

· Sports, fitness and medicine are the biggest drivers of wearable tech. Where the average consumer will fit in is still to be determined.

· Wearables are three things: hardware, code and data. The magic is what you do with that data, such as passing them to APIs.

· When thinking about how to leverage wearables for campaigns, it’s less about the device and more about the data.

· Next step in marketing: developing an enduring mutually beneficial entangled relationship.

· Looking at Facebook’s engagement rate: Publishing companies (newspapers) have grown tremendously (they’ve grown 50 pct. in reach/followers, while growing engagement per post) and have mastered the art of storytelling. They also generate multiple pieces of original content on a daily basis.

Brands are still learning and in a sense – they don’t know how to create content for themselves yet. This will get even worse now that video has been introduced onto platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and newly Twitter.

· 75 pct. of journalists are under pressure thinking about how their story is going to be shared on social media.

· Very meaningful insight comes from when the PR and Marketing sectors make up the brands social media team.

· The difference between direct marketing and entangled marketing is the involvement of the beneficiaries. It does not necessarily lead to a sale in the first place, but it creates a sense of belonging that is so strong that it will drive sales forward.

Chanel Robinson fortsætter sin verbale odyssé de næste dage.