What opportunities lie ahead for companies and brands? And how can creativity pave the way for new thinking patterns, work practices and experiences? Join a thought-provoking conversation with Grace Francis, Chief Experience Officer at Karmarama, London; Søren Abildgaard, Chief Executive Officer at T-mobile in the Netherlands; and Adam Kerj, Chief Creative Officer at Copenhagen agency Hjaltelin Stahl, Part of Accenture Interactive. 

Amidst an avalanche of new products, technologies, and customer expectations, we see that, for brands and businesses to thrive in change, creativity is more important than ever.

In this webinar, great creative minds share their thoughts on how to reimagine brands and create user experiences that have the power to brighten the future. 

Like never before, brands and products are being held accountable for their actions and are expected to fuel change – impacting production, customer service, products, and general purpose. 

This challenges all of us and calls for new ways of thinking and working. But, as we’d like to highlight, it also creates big opportunities for those who step up to the challenge, embrace the new demands, and dare to redefine their role in society and people’s lives. 

Some of the questions we’ll seek to answer are: 

  • How can creativity pave the way for new thinking patterns and work practices? 
  • What are the biggest barriers to us developing stronger ideas and experiences?
  • What are the great examples we can learn from? And the mistakes we should seek to avoid?
  • What are the unmissable opportunities in our near future?

The event is proudly hosted by Hjaltelin Stahl, Part of Accenture Interactive. Sign up today and we’ll see you there.