Join us as we share findings and recommendations in just 1 hour!

By 2030, 8 out of 10 consumers expect to be leveraging smart assistants in their lives – and in how they engage with brands, organizations and governments. 

How will brands survive and thrive in the next 10 years? Tomorrow’s customer journeys and personalization will be even smarter, more immersive, more trust-enabling than they are today. More CX initiatives will be run by AI and machine learning algorithms, automated software applications, or bots. The question is: Are brands and consumers ready?

Futurum and SAS Institute conducted a global survey to more than 4’000 consumers and brands to understand what defines customer experience today and how it’s evolving through the year 2030. You can download the survey here.

Join our exclusive online breakfast seminar on August 27 and hear the survey findings and get concrete recommendations on how to stay ahead of the game. The findings will be illustrated by customer cases from different industries. 

Manuel  Tönz
Customer Experience Advisor, SAS Institute. Manuel is a recognized technology tactician with over 15 years’ experience in the evolution to customer centric delivery models in various industries including leadership as a program director in several large CX software implementations. With a pragmatic approach and entrepreneurial spirit, he has broad international experience in the US, UK, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Manuel has a Bachelor in Economics from the University in Eisenstadt, Austria and is a Federal Certified IT Specialist in Switzerland. At SAS Manuel is a leader for SAS Institute’s Customer Intelligence propositions and is fully focussed on helping our customers optimise their customer experience, driving profitable and outcomes.

Thomas Thorning, Lead Business Solution Manager, SAS Institute. Thomas is passionate about bridging the gap between advanced analytics, the business and IT. Whether it concerns customer insights, research consultancy or predictive/ advanced analytics (AI), solving problems and helping companies while gaining new knowledge is a key motivation and an excellent Customer Experience is main focus. Thomas advice on marketing solutions, typically working with executive and management functions across marketing, sales and service organizations to explore how the organization can revolutionize and digitalize their marketing operation in order to become more data-driven and customer-centric.

Nikolaj Slotmann Millers, Head of Go to Market, SAS Institute. Nikolaj is a data driven marketer with extensive experience in developing and implementing go to market strategies, across multiple industries and countries. Nikolaj is a strong believer in inbound marketing and business development based on data – customer and market insight.

Are you working within the bankinginsurance or finance industry? Holding a position as CMO, Head of Customer Experience, Head of Marketing, Head of Digital, Head of Loyalty, Head of CRM, Head of Ecommerce, Head of Data & Insights, Head of Business Development or Head of Analytics? Than this webinar is for you! 

This online seminar is “by invitation-only” and has a max capacity of 15 seats and is exclusively targeted marketing decision makers coming from Banking, Finance and the Insurance industry.

08:30-09:00: Breakfast @ your office.. We will send you a little something to enjoy.  
09:00-09:05: Welcome – Nikolaj Slotmann Millers, Head of Go to Market, SAS Institute
09:05-09:30: Launch of the CX Experience 2030 report & recommendations on how to adopt the findings, Manuel Tönz, Customer Experience Advisor, SAS Institute
09:30-09:50: Inspirational customer case & demos from different industries, Thomas Thorning, Lead Business Solution Manager, SAS Institute
09.50-10:00: Q&A

Reasons to participate:

1.     Learn what defines customer experience today and how it’s evolving through the year 2030 and finally get concrete recommendations on how to adopt the findings

2.       Network and be part of an exclusive small group of decision makers from the same industry as yours.

3.       Be ready for new CX initiatives that will be run by AI and machine learning algorithms, automated software applications and bots.

To participate, please write an email to:

Christian Grønning, Head of Conferences: or

Jeanette Jønsson, Sales Manager: . 

The seminar is free of charge.


Torsdag 27. august 2020 (Kl. 09.00-10.00)